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Staff Computers Science Lab

In 2014 we reused all of the staff Computer's that we received from the Computer's For Learning Program from the Federal Goverment so there was no cost for this lab, the only problem it is still running Win XP operating system and there will be a point when we will need to upgrade this lab.

In 2013 we ordered new laptop's for the Staff with Win 7 operating system, Microsoft Office 2013 15.6" monitors. the cost was $12,000

In 2012 we replaced 27 CPU's with new win 7 CPU's and upgraded Microsoft Office 2010 at the cost of $13,000.

Dear Parents of St. Paul's School,

This project was done in 2006

I salute you in the name of Christ Jesus. The computer Fund $31,680.00-$21,000.00=$10,680.00. We are now left with the shipping & handling + $10,680.00. Please parents and well wishers who have not contributed to the fund, please do so now. It will interest you to know that 30 new computers have been ordered and they will arrive in couple of weeks for our wonderful children to start using them. I still continue to thank those who have contributed and you all. God bless all your endeavors.

Fr. James Arthur.


You will see below that the cost for the new computers has went up a little bit after the technological committee meeting and has approved the new cost. The big change was the monitors originally were CRT type and we are getting LCD type at more of a cost to save room on the desk in the computer lab,

The 30 computers $739.00 & Microsoft Office 2003 61.00 were Ordered 2-3-2005 $24,000

The 30 LCD Monitors $240.00 Were Ordered 2-7-2005 $7,200.00

30 user DeepFreeze Software was Ordered 2-7-2005 $15.79 Each $473.95

$24,000.00 + $7,200.00 + $473.95 = $31673.95

There will also be some shipping charges yet.


Thank you for your support